Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Master Chef vs Master Shopper

Which one of us is the master chef? Here is a picture of the banana bread I made last weekend.

The stupid recipe had the baking soda listed after all the rest of the ingredients, so when I was mixing the dry stuff first, I neglected to add in the soda. I didn't realize it until half way through baking.

Or is it my awesome husband, who, for two days in a row, has had delicious mostly-homemade meals ready for me when I get home from my 10-hour work day.
I think Drew wins this cook-off.
But I might have him beat as a professional shopper. Last Friday, my friend Rhonda invited me to go shopping with her at the factory outlet stores in Park City. She had a 30% off coupon for us and the stores were having 25% to 40% off anyway. To do our part as economic stimuli, we shopped for 5 hours! Man did I get a load of great stuff. And I'm not even feeling guilty since 5% of my purchases went to a charity of Rhonda's choosing, plus, I have not bought new clothes for months. OK, so since I was so jazzed about my fabulous shopping experience with my new-found, perfectly matched shopping partner, I thought I could handle a shopping excursion to the shoe store on Saturday with Drew. Usually I don't take him shopping because he says the stores have kryptonite in them. The brat was done in 10 minutes and I still had 10 pairs of boots to try on and test out by walking up and down the aisles for an average of 9 minutes per pair. I got some great boots that look good on Drew too.

To prove that I am the more diligent shopper, I made a rather large purchase on Sunday buying tires for my truck. But to my surprise, my credit card was frozen! I had to use another card while 4 or 5 customers were lined up behind me at the tire store. Embarrassing! A while later, an automated robot called my phone to verify the shocking number of out-of-the-ordinary purchases I had made in the last 3 days. I guess the computer thought someone had stolen my identity and went on a shopping spree. It was just me.
I win the title of Master Shopper.


  1. I'm a secret shopper...undercover to avoid the kryptonite..