Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas poem by Uncle Gray

Our Uncle Gray Eubank, who lives on the Oregon coast, sent this poem on Christmas day. Eubank is the last name of Drew's Mom's side of the family. Sam is Gray's wife. Skype is internet phone.

Dear Eubanks and Jordans where ever you go
Traveling or working or trapped in the snow
Skiing or camping or sitting by fires
There's something this Christmas we'd like to inquire -
We know that you're all of the quiet, shy type
But maybe you're willing, this one day, to Skype?

So dig out your cameras, your Macs and your mics
Put down your new toys, your gadgets, your bikes
And tell us just where in this wide world you are
(But please don't use any macho avitar)
Perhaps about noon - that's Pacific ST
We'll give you a call. It's so Eubank, it's FREE!

If you're not near your PC or Mac's ISP
Than happiest Christmas where ever you be
We're snug in our beach haven, happy as clams
The bearded bald fatman and elf Sam-I-ams
With doggie and fire and new concrete wall
Just wishing a jolly New Year to you all!

Gray Eubank

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