Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Holidays at our house

Drew somehow was able to get a trip that had a scheduled Salt Lake overnight, so we invited his first officer to join us at our friends' Eric and Allison's party. Nice, fun, outdoorsey crowd. We had a nice quiet Christmas morning before Drew had to go off to work. I went to Andy and Rhonda's for a fun, friend Christmas dinner. I had to take a rain check (or should I say snow check) on the table tennis because a gigantic snow storm hit the valley. I drove my 4WD truck home at 30 mph on the snow-bound freeway, dreading the shoveling I'd have to do in the morning. Good thing Drew arrived in time to help out.

Thanks to all our generous and loving family and friends who sent us awesome gifts.
We got everything we wanted and more. We even added three more precious pig ornaments to our tree. I have no doubt that by the time Drew and I reach our 10-year wedding anniversary, we'll be able to do a whole tree in pigs.

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