Monday, February 16, 2009

Here is my winning husband. I am so proud of him.
A couple of weeks ago we attended our Revolution/Peak Fasteners mountain bike race team party. There were awards for MVR (most valuable rider), most improved racer, etc., all voted on by team members in secret ballot. My studdly husband won Team Rouleur. The official definition of rouleur is "one who can ride up and down hills all day long". The award for our team also had the extended definition of a person who is always there, helping others achieve their goals, and always willing to go on long rides, even if it means he doesn't win a lot of races. This is Drew in a nutshell. Example, when we raced the American Mountain Classic 4-day endurance race last August, we were entered as individuals. However, when Drew saw me suffering (as in crying and pouting and unsure if I could complete the day's ride) on day 3, he held back and rode with me, although it meant he would no longer be competitive in his category. He talked me through the hardest parts, kept a distance when I tried to bite his head off, and walked with me when my rear end decided it had had enough of that silly bike seat. Or day 6 of the BC bike race, when I was really angry at the race organizers for taking us over these stupidly difficult trails and wanted to be done with the ordeal so badly, Drew calmed me down and urged me on. He is my rock, and he deserved this cheesy trophy more than anyone I know. It took a couple of weeks, but I finally got him to pose with his prize. He is my prize!!

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