Friday, February 20, 2009

Maui. Malibu. It's all good.

On Wednesday, Drew and Lucy packed their bags for a week in Maui. They gambled on the slowdown in the economy and the post-winter, pre-spring break lull allowing an empty seat on a Delta flight. Lucy and Drew are poor gamblers. 27 other non-revenue passangers were lucky enough to be sampling the pineapple today, but Lucy, being #32 on the list (out of 32) was not one of them. So, like the flexible travelers they have become, off they flew (on a great airline this time) to LAX. They rented a hybrid and drove to gorgeous, warm Santa Barbara to position themselves to take in stage 6 of America's premier professional cycling race. Here is Lucy today in Solvang dreaming of driving the team car for Levi, Lance, Horner and the boys. The energy watching the world's very top cyclists zoom the last 200 meters to the finish line was intoxicating and invigorating. Utah native Jeff Louder was among them, which was exciting, but even more so was seeing Dave Z, Levi Leipheimer, and Lance Armstrong whiz by not 20 feet from us as they rounded that last corner. Levi took the stage by only 8 seconds over our favorite, Dave Zabriskie (whose Mom used to work at my doctors office). So we may not be whale watching in Hawaii, but watching cute Euro dudes in lycra shorts is another of nature's spectacles I, for one, have been wanting to observe for a long time.
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