Friday, July 9, 2010

House addition: interior framing and pergola

A few quick pics to catch you up to speed on the house.

Here is a picture of the new step in the basement that I didn't have a picture of for the last post.

We've now got windows:

And they are framing the walls in the master suite.  Here is the bedroom part:

And here is the bathroom. Oh so lusciously big.

Looking toward the closet from the bedroom.

Here are the stairs from the office/laundry/family room.  We also have the old door up temporarily until the new French doors arrive so we are all secure.

A very exciting thing happened yesterday; they took down the temporary wall between the old kitchen and new space so we can really get a feel for how open everything will be.

Also very nice is the pergola that will be over the hot tub.

It is very stout and strong looking.

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