Thursday, July 29, 2010

Riva del Garda

Sunday was to be a recovery day for Drew, but instead I took him on Stage 9 of the TransALPs. I had not able to do as much riding as I had wanted to so far on the trip, but today I really had the whole day to go wherever my bike would take me. I assumed Drew would want to lie by the pool, but he said he wanted to go explore with me. He can’t say I didn’t warn him.

Seems like there are no gentle climbs here; roads are either flat or steep. I chose a steep climb that was supposed to take us up over a saddle and down into an adjacent valley. We had what appeared to be a good map, and there were signs for things, but the signs didn’t match the map very well, so we ended up climbing 4000 feet in 2 hours and not finding the saddle or other valley. We finally turned around when, for about the 9th time we said, “it looks like the top of the hill just over here around this hairpin turn.”

I was thinking that because Drew has just ridden 365 miles up and over the Alps, he would be a pathetic anchor to my fresh legs, but I had underestimated the hero that he is. Because he is now ultra fit and used to these climbs, and I have been more or less off the bike for 2 weeks, Drew had no trouble keeping up with me on.

By lunchtime we both agreed it was time for some R & R by the pool, so we lazed the afternoon away at our hotel. At 5 PM, I took advantage of the gift certificate Tracey had given me for a manicure-pedicure. Wow, my feet and hands have never looked so good. We were so rejuvenated by the pampering and resting, that we strolled down to the old part of town

for dinner at a lovely garden restaurant

And some shoe comparison shopping.

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