Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas I: Happy Birthday Drew

Now that the holidays are over and we're all thinking of other things, I want to reflect on happy Christmas memories.

The week before Christmas, we made a quick but lovely trip to the big woods of Pennsylvania to visit Drew’s parents.  It’s always fun for me to stay in Drew’s childhood home outside of Philadelphia, where Mr. and Mrs. J. still live. It is a real log home, complete with chink and logs on the inside walls too.

Inside it has a loft balcony which I’m told was the platform for numerous Evil-Kinievl stunts. Between three boys, I can only imagine.  Our loft stair railing back on the farm, meanwhile, was being used for puppet shows back when I was growing up.  Boys vs. girls!

We enjoyed putting up the Christmas tree all together.  Drew made some very special ornaments in grade school, believe me. 

MisKit made a warm and cozy pre-Christmas celebration for us centered on Drew’s birthday. 

 Complete with sparkle candles!
 After cake we adjourned to the living room
 to open presents

and enjoy each others' company.

That night we went to bed with visions of lunar eclipses dancing in our heads.  Not only is Drew’s birthday often on the winter solstice, which I find very cool, but this year, there was a total lunar eclipse that night too.  We lucked out with clear skies but very cold temperatures that threatened to keep Drew tucked into his childhood bed. After repeated requests and pokes at 2:40 AM, he agreed to go outside, lay on the ground, and get the full effect of this ‘not going to happen again on the winter solstice for another 400 and some odd years’ event.  It was totally worth the cold and sleep deprivation. 

(Picture not mine.)

The 3-day visit was over all too soon and we departed on Southwest Airlines bound for Chicago.  Once there, Drew put me on a plane to Minneapolis while he caught the bird home to SLC so he could go to work on Christmas Eve. 

Tomorrow's post: Christmas II - in the cold white North.

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