Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Year's Eve party, sans Drew

Drew was working again, but at least was able to spend New Year’s Eve with friend Kathleen in San Jose while I partied it up at the Wedge’s rocking New Year’s party.  There were lots of bike friends

raffle prizes, Guitar Hero (or maybe it was Rock Star, I don’t know the difference but I know I’m horrible at both of them) 

 and a game I had not played before where you try to match the cartoon dancer on the TV screen and get points for doing the correct moves.  It was intoxicatingly fun and surprisingly hard. HHH rocked it, but I couldn't dance my way out of a rage to save my life.

Even the guys got into it.

Before we could dance off the Jagermeister shots, it was 12:00 and time for noise making vuvuzelas.

 They were much louder in the house than on the balcony.
A call to Drew an hour later completed another holiday apart.

New Year’s Day, while Drew continued to work the skies, I went snowshoeing with bike friends and a borrowed dog named Lucy.   

 It was fun, but these holidays apart are getting old. 

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