Friday, January 14, 2011

Early New Years

The travel adventure continued on the Monday after Christmas.  I had purchased (against our principles) a one-way fare on Allegiant Air from Minot to Las Vegas.  The plane ride took me over Utah, which was socked in with a ground fog inversion layer.  I could tell we were near Delta, Utah when I noticed the steam from the smoke stack at the coal-fired power plant rising ominously above the ground fog.

Another key landmark south of Delta, the top of an extinct cinder cone volcano, peaked its crescent ridge out the top of the fog.  

Vegas was warm and clear, but very busy.  So busy chances were I was not getting home that night on Southwest, so Drew, just finishing a trip in Oakland, came to my rescue and we spent the night at the crew hotel before returning to SLC and going straight to work for me the next day.

We had a few days together before he went to work on New Year’s Eve and the Wasatch Mountains had a huge dumping of fresh powder, so we went snowshoeing.  Although we didn’t get moving until almost 11 AM, we still had fresh tracks in one of the most heavily used canyons near town, Mill Creek Canyon.  The powder was up to our thighs and so deep we couldn’t see the trail in places.

It made for slow, delightful, clean, fresh fun.

While we were gone, the Christmas cards from friends and family rolled in.  We were delighted to hear from all of you and proud to place your card on our mantel.

Tomorrow's post: New Year's Rocking Eve.

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