Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday, Mom

My mother turned 80 years young in March.  We celebrated by having a big shindig at a hotel in Minot in early April.  It took the photographer a long time to get us the pictures, so that is my excuse for this very belated happy birthday post.

Mom looked great and was a good sport about smiling for what seemed like 4000 pictures.

 Her two sisters were in attendance. Just like the old days.
 My sisters rigged up some cute decorations and cake.

There were lots of family and friends in attendance including her boys


nieces (Chris, left)

and great grandchildren.
 The picture below is Mom, her kids, their spouses, all but 6 of her grandchildren, and all the great grandchildren.  That's a big brood!

It was too quick of a trip to take Drew up to the homestead, but I had fun showing him off to my relatives that had not met him yet.

We kicked around most of the afternoon,snacking on "boughten" goodies and ones brought from home in the old suitcase!

 After the party, we adjourned to the rooms for some more visiting and relaxing. 

Then we hit the waterslide and pool attached to the hotel.  I was having too much fun to take pictures.

It was a short trip but we had a good visit with the family.  Best of all, we got to wish my dear mother happy 80th birthday properly. She deserves to have every celebration coming too her!  We love you, Mom!


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