Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tour of Southern Utah Day 0-1: Slow exit from the rat race

Drew drew the first week of May for one of his vacation weeks this year.  I typically do not like to vacation in May because there is always so much I enjoy doing around the yard and work is usually very busy in May, but you get what you can get in this life, so we set about to plan a big vacation.
At first we planned to jet to Ireland or Scotland or Tulum or back to New Zealand.  A quick reality check changed our minds and we opted to pack up the van and go explore all those places in our own great state of Utah.  My job for the last 20 years has had me frequently traveling the back roads of this fine state, pouring over interesting Utah maps, and reading about our many geologic wonders, and I always say “I am going to go there someday.” Well someday is now!
First I would have to exit the work environment, and on day 1 of vacation, I had a conference to attend in Saint George where I would give a 30 minute presentation on a project I did a couple of years ago.
On Wednesday, April 30, my officially-already-on-vacation-husband and I packed up the van and said goodbye to the cats to drive to Saint George.  The trip went by quickly with an extended stop in Spanish Fork to check out a future project. Since I had to look professional for my presentation on Thursday, we let work pay for a hotel and we had a nice dinner.
2015-04-29 D0ToStGeo 003

Now that’s campin’.

Day 1 Work and a grand Exit

I attended the Water and Environment Association of Utah annual conference where I successfully presented my work while Drew got us some groceries and supplies and squeezed in a 2 hour mountain bike ride. 
He picked me up from the convention center, I ditched the dress and heels in the van, and we peeled out of Saint George faster than a 19-year old Saint George Mormon girl gets married.
Our destination was new to us and something I had only recently read about: Three Peaks Recreation Area about 10 miles west of Cedar City.
We pulled in around 6 pm and had the place nearly to ourselves.  Weathered granite boulders and a nice facility. 
2015-04-30 D1offtheGrid 004
A few beers and a light dinner plus enjoying the nearly full moon and the city lights of Cedar City.
 2015-04-30 D1offtheGrid 010
Exit from the rat race complete!

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