Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Van Camping

Here a quick tour of the joy of van camping.
We woke up on Day 6 of our Southern Utah tour to mostly sunny skies and a beautiful Stellar’s jay in our campsite. 
2015-05-05 D06Bryce 001
2015-05-05 D06Bryce 002
Like I said in the last post, we try to utilize the outdoor spaces for cooking and relaxing.
2015-05-05 D06Bryce 004
The inside of the van with two people gets a bit crowded and messy.
2015-05-05 D06Bryce 006
Sink and toilet (under the blue platform at the rear of the van) on the starboard side. Fridge, microwave and closet on the port side. Obsessively cleaning husband at the rear window.
2015-05-05 D06Bryce 008
Here is looking forward.  Both driver’s and passenger’s captains chairs swivel, but we don’t bother unless we will be anchored for more than one night.

That’s van livin’.

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