Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tour of Southern Utah Day 3: Gooseberry Love

We had planned to ride with the group in the day and mosey on our exploratory tour in the afternoon but we had so much fun, we decided to spend another night at the yurt.
There’s not a lot to say about this day except 1) super fun biking with friends and 2) jaw dropping scenery.
The photos can’t even come close but here are a few of my favorites.
2015-05-02 D3Gooseberry 016
2015-05-02 D3Gooseberry 041

2015-05-02 D3Gooseberry 022
2015-05-02 D3Gooseberry 024
Group pic on the point
2015-05-02 D3Gooseberry 013
The Wedges
2015-05-02 D3Gooseberry 014
We rode North Rim trail which has plenty of spots to challenge even pro riders.

2015-05-02 D3Gooseberry 037

2015-05-02 D3Gooseberry 044annotate
If you look very hard, you can just pick out the top of the yurt across the mesa.
2015-05-02 D3Gooseberry Stitch
Post ride activities included a complete solar shower for both of us, a nap for Drew and blogging for me, beers at the edge of the mesa, and another camp dinner.
2015-05-02 D3Gooseberry 058
A solar shower after the ride yielded sand on our soap: a natural loofah.

2015-05-02 D3Gooseberry 059
Nap/blog time
2015-05-02 D03Goose1 006
One of the two Gooseberry Yurts.
Last night’s sunset was nice, but this night knocked our socks off!!!  
2015-05-02 D03Goose1 0042015-05-02 D03Goose1 0132015-05-02 D03Goose1 0162015-05-02 D03Goose1 018
Our gracious hosts spending one host’s birthday with us all of us.
2015-05-02 D03Goose1 021
After sunset, we made campfire pizzas and drank more cans of beer and boxes of wine. Our extra night of Gooseberry layover was worth the stay.

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