Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ecuador day 5: last of the colonial city

Today was our last day of Spanish School in Quito. After only 4 days, Drew is putting simple sentences together, and I am understanding people when they speake simply and slowly.  I can still only put the most basic sentences together, but I'm worlds ahead of where I was before I got here. Hopefully we can keep up with practicing and get better so that someday we can ride motorcycles across Chili, or some other similar adventure which requires self sufficiency in a foreign country.  The school had lunch for us today, which was a jovial affair. After lunch, Drew helped our teacher do our dishes. 
Drew and Angelica, our super patient, funny, and excellent Spanish teacher, doing the dishes. Angelica is standing in high heeled shoes!
    There aRe lots of schools here. We chose Aiolola because of its high online ratings. We made a good choice. The teacher especially made our education fun and productive.    We had planned to go up a cable car to a nearby mountain, but we were tired, so instead we walked around Quito a bit more. 
A street still decorated for Carnival. Such colorful buildings!
The presidential palace.
Some type of marching practice by the presidential palace guards.
A last meal in Quito in the New Orleans style restaurant that we went to the other night.
We will be on a boat for then next 5 days and I'm pretty sure we won't have WiFi until next Tuesday. It is very possible that we won't have it then either. After that, we go straight to Cotopaxi National Park, and our hotel there doesn't have wifi either, so it may be a while before the next post.  So now off we go to fulfill a lifelong dream of mine. Excited!!!

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