Friday, February 19, 2016

Best of Galapagos Boat Trip

I took a whole lot of pictures during our 6 days on the Galápagos Islands. Just ask Drew. I intend to do more detailed posts of each day some day, but I wanted to put up a few of the highlights of our The 5 day boat trip we took to the Galápagos Islands.

 We lived on a small, old wooden boat for 5 days and 4 nights.  There were 9 clients and 5 crew members.  This allowed us to get to more remote places, but it was not a luxury boat in any sense of the word.

My favorite activities were the hikes, but snorkeling was also good. The water was refreshingly cool compared to the hot humid conditions on land and boat. Drew took all the underwater pictures with his GoPro.

Kicker Rock, our first activity upon boarding the boat.  No instructions, no safety talk, just jump on in to the choppy sea.
Sea turtle

Drew hiking on Santa Fe island

Santa Fe land iguana

Sea lions are very curious

Unfortunately, their curiosity gets them in trouble.  This pup was hanging around the landing spot at one of the visitor sites.  She/he looked skinny and sick, and was likely to die because some human had touched it, or so the guide said. 

Galapagos land iguana

Blue footed boobie!  I really wanted to see these birds. They did not disappoint.

Blue heron

Pink flamingo

Male Galapagos land iguana, in orange mating colors, pursuing a female.

Our boat and a couple of volcanic islands in the distance

Magnificent frigate birds rode our bow air waves a lot

underwater selfie

Swimming with sea turtles

Black tipped shark sleeping on the bottom. At one location, I counted about 8 swimming within 20 feet of us.

We saw a lot of fishes, turtles, and sharks, but no rays. 
By the end of the trip, I could flip off the boat with the best of them. No small feat for this land-locked girl.

So those are some of the best animal pictures I took. After 5 days, we were both ready to be off the boat.

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