Friday, June 19, 2015

Birthday fun

I used to hate having a birthday in the summertime because all my friends at school who had school-year birthdays got all the glory.  Now it's the best because: summer parties!

Drew busted his chops to get the yard looking fabulous for a friendly get together in honor of another year well and Happy Flag Day!

While he was toiling, I was tending to other important things, like getting myself ready

Jeeze my feet look skinny.

And making birthday pie

A ceramic pie bird in the center of one of the double crust fruit pies. The bird is formed so that steam from the filling can enter the hollow inside of the bird and come out its mouth, thereby venting the pie and eliminating the need for cutting slits in the top crust. It worked great.

 I made three: peach, strawberry rhubarb, and sweet potato.

My friends gathered to enjoy the pies and humor me with a game of Cards Against Humanity in the backyard

The "Card Czar" of each round had to wear the flag hat as my birthday request. The hat makes everyone look so cute!

There were no pies left and I lost count of how many bottles of wine we drank. Drew laughed so hard at the game that he said his tear ducts were dry on Sunday.

Sunday I requested a ride on which I could try out my new seat dropper post. Friends rode down Corvair trail in Deer Valley with me.

Fun new toy that dropper post.

Then dinner at Vinto in PC.

Blowing out the candle on my birthday scoop of ice cream.
Another year around the sun. Life is good. Can't complain.