Saturday, December 22, 2012

Stans photo shoot

Although it is the dead of winter, we can remember the good times of summer, right?  Here are some pictures from a sort of favor we did for our friend and pro mountain biker Kathy Sherwin.  She races for the Stans NoTubes Elite team, sponsored by Stan's NoTubes.  They needed photos for their promotional material.  We and several of our teammates spent most of one hot Saturday and Sunday in June on a photo shoot.

We got about 200 shots of each of us; but these are my favorites.

For all the action depicted on these photos, there really wasn't a whole lot of riding.  There was more of this...

Standing around waiting to be called out to ride past the photographer.
and this
Cleaning the bikes of dust so the wheels looked best.
And this
Posing for the photographer, Steven Lloyd, while he set up lights and angles.

You gotta admit though, he made us look good!

This is a rad shot of the dude that put the shoot together and did the marketing material for Stan's, the man behind Damion Hickman Designs.

For our time, in addition to the photos and a good deal on the wheelsets, we got to keep a couple of sets of clothes and nice Lazer helmets.  We got some really sweet blue shorts for me and red shorts for Drew from Zoic.  Nice stuff that I ended up wearing a lot of throughout the rest of the summer.

It was mostly work, but we had a little nature encounter too.

In the end, we ended up with some shots in the Stan's catalog and some big posters for Zoic at trade shows.

I kinda felt like a rock star there for about a day.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last ride of the season

 So far we've had a pretty warm fall and winter, it seems to me.  Late in November friend Erica joined us in Draper for an afternoon ride.  The trails were in fantastic shape. 

I think I'm about ready for the off season.  More time to learn how to bake bread, finish up some house projects, and BLOG.

Monday, December 17, 2012

I am back because I have figured it all out!

Yay! I finally figured out my photo posting problem.  For months now I have been wanting to blog but when I try to upload photos, Blogger tells me I am out of space.  I finally had some time to research what is going on and figure out a way around the upload limit.  This involved updating Picasa on my computer, learning how to get Picasa to recognize which photos I want uploaded which I would rather do in Windows Photo Gallery, getting Picasa on my computer to sync with Picasa web albums, and then finally grabbing the pictures for my post from Picasa web albums.  Here are two pictures to prove it.

 Marley doesn't seem to care that I figured this out.

But now I am happy that I can get caught up.  Still have those Grand Canyon posts to do!