Friday, July 31, 2015

Wicked summer fun

In a June phone conversation, Sister Di mentioned she had four great tickets to the musical Wicked at the Denver Center for Performing Arts on July 1 and they had to find some fun couple to take.  “Pick Me!” I said.  Drew was able to get a July schedule that allowed us a quick overnight trip to play with her and Tod.

We flew in early enough to go for a hike at Red Rocks.

Wicked 004

The geologic setting creates spectacular scenery. Red sandstone (Fountain Formation, 290-296 million years old, Pennsylvanian Period) was tilted about 80 million years ago during the last phase of Rocky Mountain uplift (Laramide Orogeny).

Wicked 010

I have always wanted to see a concert at the natural amphitheater.

Wicked 012

We set out with ambitions of a 7 mile hike but it was hot so we turned around after we felt we had earned our dinner.

Wicked 024

Fancy dinner in LoDo before the main event.


Wicked 027

Down front at the theater.

Wicked 028

Our seats were so close we could read the map-curtain, see expressions on the performers faces, and sleuth out that Elphaba’s green hands were pulled off by use of green gloves, not makeup.  The show was thrilling and thoroughly enjoyable!