Friday, January 2, 2009

Lucy's year in review 2008

I was inspired by Bob's post about his year in review. Here is my version.

Lucy's riding stats for 2008

Miles ridden: 2813

Hours in the saddle = 353 hours, about 41 of those hours were on a trainer or in spin class at the gym

Number of rides: 197 (including the 41 stationary bike rides and my sometimes daily bike commute to work)
Longest ride, time-wise: 7 hrs 30 minutes on day 4 of the American Mtn Classic MTB race in Brian Head
Longest ride, distance-wise: 80.4 miles on day 2 of the BC Bike Race MTB race in British Columbia. That is longer than any road rides I did. Huh. Weird.

Longest ride in training: 4 hrs 50 minutes

Total climbing: 214,869 feet or 40.7 miles

Most challenging race: BC Bike Race 7-day stage race in British Columbia. By about 100 times any other physical effort I have attempted. So many hours of pain and riding technical trails in British Columbia that were way over my head. Thank goodness Drew was there to drag me on or I might have killed those cheerful volunteers handing me gross, gut-curdling gels.

Most unexpected race: American Mountain Classic 4-day stage race in Brian Head, Utah. I thought, "after BC, I can do three big days no problem." Boy was I wrong. Because Drew and I were racing individually, I didn't have his wisdom with me to slow down and pace myself when that other girl in my class was right behind me. As a result, I went out way too hard on day 2, the first big day, and had to push my bike some of the way through day 3. Drew stuck by me (what a husband!) and we rode most of days 3 and 4 together. Despite my wasted quads and mushy body, the riding was grand.

Best Race: Wolverine Ridge 1st place sport women. I love that course, and I had been wanting to win that one since last year when I had a stupid loss due to a flat tire on my stupid tube tires. I love tubeless. This win in the big points race bumped me into 3rd place overall with only 6 races in the ICUP series. I guess some would say I should move up, but really, I think this year was a fluke.

Best ride of the year: There were lots of great rides, but one of my favorites was in September, after all the racing was done, Drew and I went to Park City to ride Mid-Mountain and Deer Valley trails. Fall colors were out, but it was unseasonably warm. We just had a great ride, got the heart pumping, and it was all for fun. Don't get me wrong, I like to have goals as much as the next mtb chic, but on this ride, all the goals had been met - or at least given up on - and we were free to enjoy riding together. That's what it is all about.
White Rim in April with the Revolution gang was also a hoot. It was more about the company than the riding.

I learned a lot this year. I learned the importance of proper recovery. There was the time we finished a 2.5 hour training ride, then chatted in the parking lot for 30 minutes instead of woofing some food. Then we went to Ed's to help stuff SWAG bags for the next ICUP race and Ed offered me a beer. I never really say no to beer. Beer on an empty stomach is not proper recovery meal. My bum was a-draggin' on the trail the next day trying to keep up with Steve, Jim and Drew!

I learned some things about the mechanics of my bike, like that you should try to pop the bubbles on your tires if the layers start to separate. That cost me being able to ride on day 3 of the BC Bike Race and consequently, I didn't get their stupid ugly finisher T-shirt and pound of tasty coffee.

I learned I can count on Drew. I guess I always knew it.

I learned that biking can be a way of life. It is not a bad life!

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