Saturday, February 21, 2009

Drew & Lucy do Stage 7 of the tour of CA!

Drew and Lucy ventured out on the road in Santa Clarita, CA to observe stage 7 of the Tour of CA. We had a great time finding a strategic vantage point about 15 miles into the race. The racers came by in a flurry of excitement, which faded as soon as it was upon us. We made a beeline for the Rose Bowl in Paseadena where the racers were due to roll across the finish line a little over 2 hours later. The racers approached the finish circuit about 45 minutes after we arrived. They crossed by our position for the first of 5 finish laps, each about 5 miles in length. It was a stage filled with attacks and road-cycling tactics. We had an incredible time out on the course and in the crowded finish venue area. We are now in Oceanside relaxing and getting ready to watch stage 8 tomorrow. More pictures to follow, but we thought you might like this 3-minute video showing the two of us out on the road today.


  1. You guys are too took me a minute to figure out that is the back of Drew's head. Isn't Solvang a cool city to visit? I love all the German feel...must be left over from my 30 months there.