Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gardening in the Northwest?

Is this what it would be like to garden in the Northwest? Utah had a TON of rain this spring and early summer, so plants just grew! This is the result in our backyard. All this vegetative matter is from volunteer plants. We didn't water these until July. Not watering your Utah garden in June (or even May) is almost unheard of. You can see the sunflowers are serious about growing, and in the foreground are a couple of tomato plants, beautiful petunias, and a giant "hybid" winter squash. Perhaps acorn-ish? The squash identity remains to be seen.

Finally, some progress on the fireplace. Biking season caused a hiatus in the home improvment projects. This week, Drew hired a guy to brick in the antique fireplace. We'll be toasting marshmallows in the living room soon.

Bobke update: Bobke has gone to the VW spa.
He needs some pampering at the air-cooled engines mechanic shop.


  1. You should add Bobke II to your reading list. It is funny, painful and historic. Let me know if you or Drew would like to borrow my copy.

  2. Ok, I gotta tell ya' -- that think needs (repeat, needs) to be purple. So cool! (Jerda)