Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas activities

We went to Cabella's to exchange Drew's new-for-Christmas toasty warm slippers for a larger size.  Have you been to Cabella's?  That place is amazing.  So much camo I couldn't even find the bathroom.  They have all these giant pseudo natural displays of dead animals. This one really scared me.

Drew had to work on Christmas day, but Rhandy was gracious enough to invite me and some other friends over for dinner.

Andy was on call and wouldn't you know had to go in to work, so Rhonda had to finish preparing the meal.  She did a fantastic job. Carl brought deviled eggs, Gigi brought wine, and Andy made sugar cookies frosted with naturally-dyed frosting.  (Turmeric frosting, anyone?)  I added my two pies to the mix and we all felt overstuffed by evening's end.

Drew had a good crew and they weathered the storms in the Midwest with smiles. 

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