Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Race Report: Stan Crane Memorial in Draper. Intermountain Cup mountain bike race series race #6

Drew was able to switch around his schedule and race with me on Memorial Day at the Stan Crane Memorial ICUP race. I think the real reason he moved his schedule around was so he could attend the team barbecue and potluck.

The weather was good this year.  Good enough for Stella to come out of her usual spot in a small box behind the counter at the bike shop.

As for the race, where else can you race your mountain bike within the city limits of a suburb of a major city on really awesome trails?  Utah's got a lot going for it.

 As for the racers, Drew did well, finishing a good solid middle of the large 40+ pack of racers and felt good. Me, not so much.  I finished in 7th place out of 9, behind a couple people that I have been able to beat before.  Could my dismal performance have been due to the two glasses of wine I had the night before, or staying up late two nights prior, or the strange occurrence of a water bottle rolling off the dining room table with no apparent cause to wake me up at 5 AM on race day. Possibly. Or maybe this 39 and 23/24ths year old just can't keep up with the fast girls. We'll see on Saturday.


  1. Gigi standing by the food table. how unusual.

  2. I'm sure the wine was worth it... sometimes the planets are just not aligned. Next time you'll be on your game for sure! And I love the photos of Stella!!!!