Monday, July 19, 2010

Stage 3 TransAlps MTB Race

Stage 3 of the Trans Alps race is complete. Tonight we are in the town of Scuol, Switzerland. The Supersonic Tortoises have enacted plan 409-B successfully! The come from behind technique is serving us well after a tough 2nd stage when David had a bit of a back issue. After a good night’s sleep and some Aleve to relax his muscles he was back on his game today. We started the day with a massive climb up the local ski resort which took almost 2 hours to complete. The weather was perfect as we climbed above the tree line and up to the top of the mountain.

People from the tram cars looked in disbelief as a steady stream of multi-color jerseys climbed up from the valley floor. Cresting the top of the mountain we made a beeline down the back side to warmer temperatures and the next challenge. Brake pads have been changed out once already due to the fact that everything in this region pretty much goes straight up or straight down. Pumping the brakes and alternating them allow them to cool, but every once in awhile both would be necessary. Occasionally you would catch the smell of brake pads from racers in front of you as they applied their brakes. Looking back at today’s data from the Garmin I logged a top speed of 46.9mph. Crazy days in the saddle and crazy adventures!

The rest of the day consisted of smaller climbs and descents as we worked our way along the valley floor to Scuol. The last 15km of the stage today we once again found ourselves on gravel and paved pathways connecting the small towns. Pacelines formed and we jockeyed back and forth with several other riders all the way in to the finish. Completing stage 3 we had smiles on our faces and were happy with our performance.

Another long day awaits us tomorrow, but the weather has been perfect and the temperatures in the mid 80’s. We are looking forward to more of the same over the next few days.

Time is a bit short this evening, so no pictures today. We are in a wonderful hotel about 2,000 feet above the town of Scuol. The views are breathtaking. Hopefully with a little more time on our hands tomorrow evening we will get some more photos posted.

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