Saturday, April 30, 2011

Utah State Championship Series Race 1: Lambert Park

Last Saturday while Drew was off flying around the country, I raced my mountain bike.  I was not prepared. I was not in shape. I was not expecting to do well. But I was expecting to see friends and have fun.  I did not do well (4th of 6 in the expert women category) but I did have fun (loads of my racing friends turned out for this brand new race).  The course was a super fun twisty turny tacky singletrack route through the still-dormant (where is spring?!) scrub oak.  We expert women did three ~20 minute laps and since all the beginner and sport groups had raced earlier and we started last out of the pro and expert groups, we had the course almost to ourselves until the pro men started lapping us on lap number 3.  Passing was not a problem, since they come by me at the speed of heat.  That is the most awesome race planning ever. Thanks to our friends Bob, Drew, Shannon, and Ty at  MTB Race Productions for an awesome job putting on their first race. Should be a good series.

It was also the first time I got to wear my new special women's design racing kit.  They look pretty sharp, eh?

Thanks to Shannon, Steven, Kendra, and Lyna  for the pics.

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