Thursday, May 30, 2013

Remote Race Report: Transylvania Epic Stage 5. Warm and bloggy.

First, a cool pic from yesterday's stage.

See, you didn't see that on Facebook.  At times, I feel like I am blogging about events already past.  Really, most of the time.  Facebook is our immediate connection to all of our friends. BUT, the one thing that this blog has that FB can never have is my expanded narrative and my own selective timeline.  I post only the things that are important to me here, with my commentary and hopefully some humor or at least added emotion and detail.   I'm not always polished, but at least I'm honest.  So look at Facebook for the 3 second gratification of connecting with my life (or in this case, Drew's and Jim's lives), but look to this blog for the extra.

 The following information is lifted right from Jim's Facebook posts.

Jim: "Stage 5 in the bag. 26 miles in 3:36. Long, straight, rocky, loamy, descent actually boiled the fluid in my rear brake then boiled my brain on the second half of the ride. More water and less beer tonight."

I can almost see Jim's beer can off to the right of this photo.

 Drew said that today was hot and long.  The terrain was not super difficult, but the environmental conditions took their toll on the team. 

I got some intell on the bathrooms.  Two vanities, one urinal, one stall, two showers.  Then, through another door, another vanity, stall, and shower.  That is still a bit too communal for adult mixed-company bike racers.  Even Drew says it smells bad in the dorm now.

Two stages left.  Tomorrow is the "queen stage" (Better buck up, boys!), and Saturday is the finish followed by a big party.

Meanwhile, I am trying in vain to work a full load AND get my zillions of house projects done before Drew returns and we depart on yet another adventure. 

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