Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy 50th!

I'm totally getting out of my life's events chronological order here, but I wanted to share these photos while it was still anniversary month for my awesome set of in-laws. 

Drew's parents stopped in for a brief visit after vacationing on an Alaskan cruise to celebrate 50 years of marriage. 

Drew, being the thoughtful son he is, saw to it that they were honored with toilet paper and cheap champagne.

The crew on the Southwest flight they were on did the special decorations and presented them with this gift and an P.A. announcement upon landing in SLC.  Now you don't get that kind of service on Delta.

Although they were only visiting for one night on their way back home, we made it special with grilled steaks and a decorated cake. 

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. J!

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  1. You really made our 50th anniversary a special celebration. Thank you for all your special arangements!! They are well photographed and will be long remembered.