Monday, March 31, 2014

Escape to Florida Part 5: Escape from Orlando

On Day 5 we really were going to get out of Orlando. With our Chrysler 300 (not getting any smoother), we motored west to Tampa Bay.

We checked in to our booked-last-minute hotel, the North Sunrise Motel in Clearwater Beach.

This place was the ultimate opposite from the mega resort time share at which we stayed in Orlando.  This place was small, quaint, uber friendly, and homey, but with an I-am-definitely-not-in-Utah kind of feel.  We loved it.

The pool at North Sunrise Motel.  The beach is on the other side of the five-story hotel in the background.

Our room. Small but comfy.

Drew lived in Florida during his Navy days.  He spoke fondly of the Tampa area and Gulf coast. I see why.  Laid back. Sunny. Nice beaches. We walked on the beach a lot.

Who needs fish when you have a fish eye lens.

Chilly and breezy but mostly sunny. Better than Salt Lake's pollution inversion!

You can't go wrong with giant turtles.

We grabbed some late lunch of grouper, a tasty buttery fish that I had never eaten, at Frenchy's.

Then sunset on the beach.

Before a wonderful dinner at The Columbian restaurant.

 You can say you had a good day when you end with flan.  Gotta love flan!

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