Saturday, May 10, 2014

Springtime in Moab


Drew had vacation in late April so we went down to do some work on the vacation condo in Moab. 

The weather was chilly and there was a lot of work to do, so we didn’t ride the first day. 

The next day Drew went out for a looooong road bike ride on the La Sal Mtn loop since I had forgotten to pick up his bike from the shop.


It was cold on top of the La Sals


Castle Valley is amazing

Meanwhile, I checked on a monitoring well installed by the Utah Geo Survey.  I helped design this well a few years ago and it was time to collect some data from it.

2014-04-29 14.31.052014-04-29 14.31.34

Details of the well can be found in this publication.  The well flows just a little bit, even though we have tried to seal it between checkups.

That quick check took longer than I thought so I barely had time to get out for a quick ride.

2014-04-29 18.01.312014-04-29 18.03.172014-04-29 18.16.13

The dessert is especially pretty in bloom.

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