Sunday, June 1, 2014

Shred Oregon Day 2: ID to OR

You’d think with our fancy RV staying at fancy RV parks, we’d have some WiFi, but we really haven’t, or I’ve been too pooped to post.  I’ll try to catch up as best I can. Here is Day 2 of Shred Oregon.
Tuesday we pretty much drove all day. But although that does not sound exciting, you should still read this post.
After a good night’s sleep at The Boise River RV park,
2014-05-27 09.09.34
I got a text from cousin Donna that they had returned late the previous evening from camping and she would love to see us. So we had a lovely, if short, visit with her in her beautiful garden.  Unfortunately, no pictures to document, but it really IS lovely.
Then driving all day through the lonely high desert of eastern Oregon. How can Drewsey (Drew + Lucy) not stop to take a picture at their sign-namesake?
Here is the most exciting picture of the day:
2014-05-27 15.49.24
Dewey turned 40.
Later afternoon we hit Bend and made a delicious stop into Boneyard Brewery. 
2014-05-27 16.47.15
Bend is at the base of the Cascade Mountains.  Soon we were climbing up and up and afforded views of Mount Washington.  Every high peak in the Cascades is a volcano, but some, like Mount Washington, have been dormant long enough that glaciers have carved them into pointy peaks instead of the typical dome you think of as a shied volcano.
We pulled into Belknap Hot Springs Resort and RV park and found a camp spot right next to the roaring McKenzie River
We had been transporting my homemade chili all the way from SLC and this was the perfect chilly chili spot so we heated it up in the microwave (we have a microwave in our car – how fun is that?) for a scrumptious dinner after our growler of RPM IPA from the brewery. 
Then a dip in the hot spring-fed pool and early to bed to rest for the epic ride on Wednesday.

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