Friday, January 24, 2014

January Vegas family trip, 2014

Drew's parents came to visit us in Las Vegas this month.

 I had a stunning view on my flight down.

As they had been on some insanely early flight, Drew and I left them at the condo to nap and have some down time while we pedaled out a quick ride. 

When in Vegas, hit the town!

Later that evening we feasted at a fine Italian restaurant, compliments of Drew's mom. Yummy.

Since Drew's parents had never seen a Cirque du Soleil show took them to "O", the water one.  
Waiting for the show.

Even though Drew and I had seen it before, it still awes me. After the show we wandered the casino for a bit to take in the glitz.

 Dale Chihuly glass art on the ceiling. Love that artist. 

Science Day

The next day, after such a rough night on the town, sleeping in was required.  For East Coasters, that meant about 8 am Pacific time. Oh boy.

This day was science-engineering learning day. We visited the Springs Preserve.

 Playing with the Leonardo exhibits

  A bridge with no fasteners - intriguing for Engineer Mom. 

The Springs Preserve is an interpretive park on the site of the once-flowing Las Vegas Springs. Spanish explorers named the area "Las Vegas" (meaning "the meadows") because of the springs and the greenery surrounding the area.  The springs dried up decades ago due to over pumping.

The higher area to the left side of the picture was one of the spring heads before the water table was drawn down by over pumping. 

   This little hummingbird only sat still for a couple of seconds. 

  The depression in this photos used to be a big spring pool.  It is almost always dry now. 

After the morning at the Preserve, we drove out to see the new bridge at the Hoover Dam.  For some reason I don't have any pictures of this excursion; however, I do remember the parents being impressed.

That's about all we did besides visit and enjoy each other.  I'm looking forward to seeing the folks soon.


  1. Great fun to see the photos and remember the trip. Thanks for all of it. - Miskit

    1. Wish I had pictures of the dam. Maybe Drew still has some and I can update later.