Monday, October 19, 2015

An end to vegetarianism?

 It has been nearly a year since Drew became a vegetarian and I cut way, way back on meat intake.  I estimate I've eaten meat on average about once every two to four weeks.  Mostly, I am a mostly-vegetarian because the meat available in the supermarket is raised in an environment that does not make for high quality food.  Eating less meat is also one thing I can do to make my impact on this planet smaller.

However, I am also very frugal about food; I hate to waste it.  There has been a Utah-grown grass-fed top quality roast in our freezer for a year.  I either needed to give it to someone who could use it, or use it myself.  I have also been gaining weight and wondering if I should try to reduce my carbohydrate intake.

I'm headed out in the field next week. I get hungry doing field work.  I eat crackers and chips and drink sweetened lattes when that happens.  Perhaps I need a more satisfying snack.

Enter that roast, a 1970s era electric food slicer given to me by my mother-in-law, and my trusty food dehydrator.  In other words, I made jerky.

It turned out pretty good. It's totally natural because there are no artificial preservatives or MSG and I have enough to last for months, especially since Drew is not eating any.  I will use my Foodsaver vacuum thingy to package it into portions that will last about a week when unsealed and then probably freeze it. This will probably get me through the darkest of winter nights when the urge to eat cereal late at night is strong.

And in other homesteading news, I tried out my new yogurt maker today.  My first attempt at almond mile yogurt is culturing now.  It would be nice if it works out, since Drew really misses yogurt since he gave up dairy and the dairy-free yogurt at the supermarket is expensive.

My sourdough starter is feeding nicely too.

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  1. Glad to see the slicer was working & useful. Once every 10 years is about how I used it, too, after the first enthusiasm wore off. - Miskit