Friday, August 19, 2016

BreckEpic Stage 6 -FINISHED!!

Day 6 start. Lyna gave us extra smiles.
Me high 5ing Drew at the start. Photo by Lolly

Me at the start. Photo by Lolly.

Breck Epic is finished.  Stage 6 was hard, not because the stage was particularly hard, but because I was physically, mentally, and emotionally empty at the start line.  The stage itself was the perfect finish stage: 3300 feet of climbing, 30 miles, fun singletrack climbs and descents and gentle gradient fire road climbs and descents.  The volunteers at the aid stations and the other riders were festive. But I was so completely spent that I really struggled.  The one thing that got me through today was Drew.  He sacrificed his day to hang back and ride with me.  Even after he couldn't clip out on a tight switchback and sprained his ankle, he cheerfully pulled me through the entire stage!  He was my rock today and I know I would have been out there much longer if he hadn't been there to get me back on my bike after two emotional breakdowns.  

We finished in 3 hours, 59 minutes and 39 seconds.  

Drew and Lucy finishing together!

 We enjoyed a pickle, mayo and potato chip sandwich at the finish, just as a major hail storm broke out.  If it wasn't for Drew, I would have been out in it.
New favorite sandwich: pickle, mayo, potato chip on fluffy bread.

Andy loved the stage and made his goal of finishing in less than 30 hours for the week.  Brad finished strong in about 3 hours and loved the flume trail!

I need to pay homage to my Trek bike.  It performed exceptionally well this week. She's a good one!

My BonnieBlue Trek 9.8 top fuel
My cockpit I've been starting at all week.  The profile Andy made for all of us on the left. That was a lifesaver to know what was coming up!
The right hand side of my handlebars.  The "Blink" sign was a reminder I made to myself because I forget to blink and my eye dries out and my vision goes blurry.  The Eye Heart U is a little sticker Drew sneaked onto my handlebar this morning. I didn't notice it until the start line, but it helped get me through this day.

I'll do another post in a week or so after I've had a chance to digest this accomplishment. Right now, after a chill beer at the condo, we are headed to the brewery!!

First night bruised ankle.
Post stage 6 at the condo. Blogging in action photo by Lolly.

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  1. You are amazing! Congrats to both you and your team! And super hooray for Drew 😍