Friday, May 19, 2023

Danube - Budapest before the cruise

Drew and I spent three nights in Budapest before it was time to board the cruise ship. To get there from Stuttgart, we thought it would be fun and the schedule was right to take the overnight train. Unfortunately, we were unable to purchase sleeper car tickets, so we resolved to make the best of the 6-person car.

At first, we had the whole car to ourselves, but a few stops in, we were joined by a group of 7 German young men going all the way to Budapest for a bachelor party! Oh boy. 
A few stops later though, we did a switch of cars and we again had the whole car to ourselves. We tried to get some sleep. 

It was difficult. 

We were extremely glad to arrive in Budapest 13 hours later, where we explored the city a bit, got a Thai massage to make up for the train contortions, and learned the public transit system 
Which was extremely easy. Budapest has the oldest subway system in Europe. The M1 line is over 100 years old, and the stations are quite beautiful as far as subway stations go. 

We bought an umbrella and ducked into a coffee shop (that did not allow sugar to be put in their coffee) to get our heads on

before we were able to check in to our Air BnB for some much needed rest.
The apartment we rented was huge and included a washing machine, for some essential laundry before we got on the boat. 

It was also located just across the street from an Irish pub. Yay for good beer!

Saturday the weather was supposed to be cloudy and cool with a small chance of rain, so we took a 40 minute train ride to Szentendre, 
billed as a cute town with shops and restaurants. Our plan was to walk around a bit, 
rent some mountain bikes or gravel bikes, and get out into the hills around town, but alas, there was no bike rental shop nearby so we just hiked 12 miles instead!
The route took us through an agricultural and residential area which seemed to have estates that were used as summer homes or the residence while tending the farm. It had lots of character.
And was very lush
After all that hiking we needed a a good meal before returning on the train to Budapest, where this time we were seated next to a bachelorette part. Budapest must be the place for pre wedding parties. 

Sunday was rainy and cold again, but lucky for us, our sunny and bright friends K&S arrived. First activity, Thermal Beer Spa at the famous Szechenyi Thermal Baths. The concept is a wellness soak in a hot tub filled with beer making ingredients in the mineral spring water. Bonus that the unlimited beer tap is within arms reach! Helps with the relaxation part of wellness.

The ticket includes all day in the Szenchenyi spa, which is like 200 years old
and was quite popular this day.

a perfect way to spend a cold rainy day. 
After the spa we walked around the park and saw Hero's Square and a cool castle.
And had the obligatory world donut.
( America does donuts better.)

Monday was boarding day, but we had half a day to kill so we checked out the Budapest market 
And hiked Buda Hill for a great view of the city.
Sampke the local treat, a chimney cake.

We were ready for the cruise to begin.

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