Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Getting above the smog and Bobke update

Grandeur Peak hike
The air quality had been pretty rotten in Salt Lake Valley on and off over the past month or so.  On those occasions that the inversion lifts and we get a clear day, or sometimes when it is still horrible down in the valley but nice and clear up top, we try to get out for a bit of winter fun.

Last Saturday after a couple of inches of new snow fell, we intended to go snowshoeing, but with our sleep-in, leisurely-breakfast, do-a-couple-of-errands on the way to the canyon attitude, we ended up not starting the hike until 1 PM.  Consequently, the trail was packed down enough that we could just walk without snowshoes.

We ended up going to Mill Creek Canyon and parking about where the orange arrow is pointing in the picture above, or at Burch Hollow for you locals.  We walked the Pipeline Trail for about a mile and a half before turning up the 3.2 mile Granduer Peak trail.  If you click on the picture above, you can see the purple arrow pointing to the trail.  After a lot of climbing, we ended up on the summit of Grandeur Peak at 8300 feet.

Here we are on the very tippy top of Grandeur Peak and that is Salt Lake City behind us.  Our house is somewhere down there about an inch to the right of my elbow.  Grandeur Peak is an obvious peak on the ridge line when viewed from Salt Lake, so it had been on my bucket list of peaks to bag for a while.

Drew clicked this cool shot of uni-directional frost on mahogany? branches,

While I posed for more pictures.

Great 9+ mile day and it felt so good to breath fresh air.

Bobke update

Drew tells me this is the engine of our little travel friend.


It sure doesn't look like anything that can get us to isolated back country campsites anytime soon. :-(

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