Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Salt Lake pros and cons

We like living in Salt Lake City.  This town, this place, has a lot of great things going for it.  Good things: mountain biking, hiking, winter sports, close to the beautiful desert, big city convenience but really close to unoccupied wilderness, major airport, phenomenal geology. In no particular order.

But sometimes, the geography that makes so many of those good things good, makes one really bad thing bad.  SMOG.  The mountains trap the cold air and pollutants we are putting into the air.  Utah cities made the top five worst communities in the country for poor air quality today, based on the EPA Air Quality Index (AQI).

It is really super gross here right now.  From the ground, it looks mostly like fog, but a somewhat unnatural fog, and it is cold and damp and I want out.  The worst part is that I feel like if I were to go for a walk or bike ride, I would be doing my body more harm than good.  Yuck.

Another bad thing about Utah: high priced beer. 

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