Friday, August 27, 2010

Home Addition: Drywall.

This past week we were a little frustrated with the order of operations.  Drywall was delivered last Friday and they started hanging it that same day.  There were a number of little things that should have been finished before the drywallers started, but weren't.  All has been rectified this week and the walls have taken shape. 

It was fun to see how quickly the sheet rock went up, as shown in this 30-second video.  The end segment shows Richard cutting a hole in our floor for the dryer vent.  I know it is for a good cause, but it still hurts to see that new floor get cut up.

So the drywall has now been hung and two guys were here until 8 PM tonight, Friday night, mudding and taping.

Yesterday Drew, with a little help from Richard, made this cool sturdy stand to put the air conditioner condenser on.  It only cost us $20 because he reused some wood I had been hording.  See, it pays to be a horder.

It looks very nice, especially considering it will be on the side of the house we don't see much of, so it is mostly for the viewing pleasure of our neighbors.  Drew is such a considerate guy!

And in other encouraging progress, the dumpster went away!! That is a good sign because it means most of the big stuff is done. We have our street parking back, which I'm sure makes the neighbors very happy.

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