Sunday, August 15, 2010

House addition: a bit of catch up

I thought I had lost the pictures and video on this post.  I "found" them when we went on vacation and I downloaded the camera for the first time.  By then, it was time to blog about TransALPs, but I really wanted to put these up to show one of the cool demolition steps in the new addition.  I will move this post to chronological order in a few weeks.

Because the new master suite was to be above the existing kitchen, the roof over that part of the house needed to go.  Adam did this by sawing the existing roof into big chunks

and lifting them off with a crane.  In this video you can see how very windy it was on this day. That made me very nervous. 

That was the neighbor kids heading out to the sidewalk to practice rollerskating.  I think they wanted to be part of the action.  Bad idea on this day!

So once the roof was off it looked like this.

A storm was blowing in that night, and we had this electrical work fully exposed to the elements.

Adam tarped everything as good as he could, and luckily we didn't get the storm.

Finally, here is a calming view from the upper level.

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  1. This is so fun to watch your remodeling. I've never seen a roof come off like this. That wiring looks pretty scary. Good thing the view is so serene. :>