Monday, December 27, 2010

Home Addition: All the Trimmings

 Here are a few photos of the trim work.  The trim on the main level is painted white and looks sharp against the orange paint.

The salvaged French doors we used for the laundry closet pocket doors are painted and partially hung. We haven't taken the paper off the panes yet. My plan is to find some cool fabric to put on the back sides of each pane. The thing on the wall above the pocket doors is a mini-split air conditioning and heating unit.  Because our existing furnace and AC unit were not big enough to heat and cool the new spaces, we installed these super efficient and no-duct-work-required units in the main floor and upstairs.

The baseboards are in too.
In the main level, we were trying to match the existing trim in the old part of the house.  We were unable to find the same 100-year old tall curvy profile, so the general contractor (GC) custom routered the bottom part of the baseboard out of MDF. The top curvy piece is chair rail that we had to rip down to make it similar to the old part of the house.  It isn't an exact match, but when you come to visit, you'll probably be fooled. :-)

Our GC was too busy going back to school >-( to finish our job, so we asked him to hire a crew of finish carpenters to get going again.  He was unable to get any carpenters to work for him, so we went out and found our own.  Our teammate Ryan had an associate, Brian, who does fabulous trim work.  

He finished the narrow spice cabinet I designed. Now I have alphabetically organized spices AND a place to put the step ladder.
The trim upstairs is vertical grain fir.  The GC thought it would be more cost effective to buy it in the rough and plane and router it to our liking.  By the time we paid Brian to plane it 

and found yet another contractor to router it, we're thinking it might have been cheaper to find it finished, but at least this way we got the look we wanted and lots of sawdust for the compost bin! 
We were going for a simple mission style.

We are going to stain and seal it ourselves, after we get done managing contractors.
We reused two of the house's original doors that we removed back in May for the master bath and closet doors. 

We haven't finished stripping 100 years of paint off them yet.  Add that to the to do list.


  1. Wow! That's amazing. I especially love the addition and kitchen... and will admit to spice rack envy. Really beautiful home you've made there!

    - Jerda

  2. It all looks amazing! It will be worth the wait! Good job! Kristi

  3. The wood work on the main floor and stairs is amazing. The white really makes the wall color pop as well. Your house is so happy to have such a loving make-over.

  4. Thanks guys! I love natural woodwork, but white painted woodwork really does allow you to do many fun things with wall color. Did I mention we love orange.

  5. How did you hang your laundry doors?

    1. Steph, we used Johnson pocket door hardware I found online If I remember correctly, I chose the lower end commercial grade, but it depends on your door size too. We've had them in for over two years now and not one complaint. They slide flawlessly and have not needed adjustment at all. We had our carpenter install them.

  6. It looks like you started painting the old door in the last picture white?

    1. No, we are stripping it. It was white and we are taking the paint off. In fact, the door went to the stripping contractor today, since we were never finding time to do it ourselves.