Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Moab in the Spirit

Drew and I sneaked away to Moab in early December for a sort of early Christmas by ourselves.  It was time for the annual Moab holiday festivities and the air quality in the Salt Lake Valley was horrible, so why not?

Moab is such a small town in the wintertime.  We went for a great walk along the urban path and made it to city hall in time for caroling,

announcement of the citizen of the year and business of the year by the mayor, and the spectacular (I'm being facetious) lighting of the Christmas tree. 

The next day, since I outlawed the bikes on this trip, we were forced to hike.  I took Drew up the Moab Rim trail that I had done on my solo trip back in August.

And then it was the event we had come for: the annual Moab Light Parade!  The Light Parade had 22 entries this year, including this one with an Egyptian theme...

And this one with, as you would expect for outdoor capital of southeastern Utah, a camping theme.

We were not sure what some of the floats were supposed to represent,

But we still enjoyed cheering and watching them go by on main street while we sipped our cold beer and stomped our feet to keep warm.
There was no marching band, but there was this:

Golly, isn't that excellent!
This was my favorite float, of course.

We enjoyed the small town feeling for another day before heading back to our busy pre-holiday schedules. 

And so with this post we wish each of our 10 readers out there in blog land a very ...



  1. I am one of the 10, so Merry Christmas to YOU!

  2. I am #2 of the ten so Happy New Year!

    Thanks, I especially enjoy a renovation story where somebody else is doing the work and paying the bills. I did vote for paint color so I feel like I've had a part in your adventure.

    We've never been billed for our tile backsplash materials or labor. I gave the contractor the benefit of the doubt that he wants us to pay for Christmas before we worry about our October renovation. Don't you think? The middle of January works for me.


  3. Two readers, horray!
    Chris, there were a couple of bills we never got. We are hoping they lost our address. Maybe you will be so lucky?

  4. thanks for posting, I miss Moab

  5. Just posted your blog entry in anticipation of Moab's Electric Light Parade 2011. You captured some nice images.
    Also, received a message from the Western Deaf Organization who convened in Moab June 2011. They designed a Moab Christmas Tree for the Festival of Trees. The Festival is held at South Towne expo. The sale of the Moab tree will benefit children at Children't Primary Hospital.
    Spread the word and go have a look. Bring a little more Moab into your holidays this year too.