Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Post #300: this is a MILESTONE. Cedar Valley work report published.

A couple of weeks ago I saw that the number of posts on our blog was approaching 300.  What would #300 be? It should be something that marks a significant milestone in my life, right?

Today, here it is. 

This. Is. Huge.
 What is the significance of that boring looking CD?  It is a big publication for me at work.  Big.  It is the compilation of 8.5 year of this

My office, where I spend a lot of time when I would rather be in the field.

and this

Tumbleweeds bury a fence on a bleak day in my field study area in Cedar Valley, Utah County.

but also fun stuff like this

A gorgeous clear day of fieldwork.

and this.
Me logging cuttings during a monitor well drilling project in Cedar Valley.

All that and much more went into this UGS Special Study, on which I am the primary author, entitled "Hydrogeology and Simulation of Groundwater Flow in Cedar Valley, Utah County, Utah".  It is 224 pages of riveting scientific fact finding and grand conclusions with huge environmental impacts.  Just kidding.  It is a sometimes dry, long-winded, and thorough report on the work I was hired at the Utah Geological Survey to do way back starting in 2004.  The fieldwork was done in 2007, but the computer simulation was not done by my colleague for another couple of years, and then other projects derailed my attempt to get this monster published. The main conclusions have implications for how the Utah Division of Water Rights can divide up the right to use groundwater in this area of rapidly growing population.  There are also some fun water age-dating and aquifer-test data.

The final copy I gave to our editorial staff was 2.5 inches thick. 

But today, this work was finally published.   You can purchase your very own copy at the Utah Geological Survey Map and Bookstore for only $24.95.  Hurry and get yours before they sell out ;-).


  1. If I had a signed copy of the CD by you I bet that people would pay over $80 for it. Congratulations on completing such a difficult and comprehensive study of the Cedar Valley! You deserve a vacation :)

  2. Looks like a major accomplishment. You deserve many pats on the back and congratulations! Enjoy your vacation!