Sunday, February 3, 2013

There has been a bit of snow

Around Christmastime we got dumped on.  So much snow!

the sidewalk in front of our street

Deep snow makes snowshoeing fun!
The snow really was thigh deep.

We didn't get very far after the point on the trail where we had to break trail.

My truck was slip sliding around, but Mi Tia was rock solid.

That was a rare January Saturday together.  The next day, some girlfriends had a going away snowshoe for friend Stephanie.

Mary shows that there is a lot of snow.

The uber deep powder was too fluffy to resist doing a backwards swan dive into.

Me, mid-dive!!

Me, immediately post dive.  My head was buried in the snow bank.

Just popping up for air.  I don't ever want to be in an avalanche!  It was so fluffy and deep and I was head down and on my back with snow shoes on, I couldn't really move. Erika had to help me out of the snow bank.
The next snow activity was termed "runking" by Sally. This is where you get to the top of a steep fresh slope and run down it with snowshoes on.

Here is a very short video of Sally "runking"
Erika runking.

We topped off the day with lunch at Porcupine Pub.  Good day - but sad to see Stephanie go.

The snow is fun to play in, but we are ready for a warm adventure.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Looks like a blast! We've only had a dusting of snow this year. I need to get up to the mountains!