Wednesday, November 11, 2015

San Juans vacay Day 4: rinse and repeat

After dinner, back at the campground, we enjoyed a chlorinated hot tub in place of a pay shower. That’ll show them to make the Jordans pay for a shower.
In the morning, we bid farewell to West Beach Resort and made our way to town.
Day4 038 (1024x684)
Pulling out of the soggy campground. The straight is beyond the trees.

Day4 042 (1024x684)
East Sound is the inlet of water that divides Orcas Island into two “wings”.  The wind howls up through the inlet somethin’ fierce.

Back we went to Moran State Park to ride some of the other trails and repeat some of yesterday’s fun ones.
Day4 045 (1024x846)
This time we rode the mostly level path on the east side of Mountain Lake. 
Day4 003 (1024x684)
At various times, a drop or two of dew would fall from the trees, but we talked to a 40-year island resident and 25-year Moran State Park Ranger and he said he has never seen it so dry!!!!!!  I had a good laugh at that.  If this is dry, I am terrified of wet.
Day4 006 (1024x684)
Day4 007 (1024x684)
Mountain Lake
Day4 009 (684x1024)
Day4 012 (1024x684)
I was really, really bundled up today, and stayed warmer than yesterday despite the cooler temps and lack of sunshine.  We also avoided the big descent that we did yesterday and instead tried part of the 6 miles open to equestrians.  They were rutted, as we had been told, but that gave us a chance to hike a bike and warm up.

Day4 016 (684x1024)
Horse damage.

Day4 018 (720x1024)
How many layers does it take to keep Lucy warm? 5.

Day4 018b Stitch (1024x379)
We said goodbye to Moran State Park just in time to blast through town and buy some provisions for the night.
Day4 040 (1024x684)
No time to shop at the cute shops in Eastsound, so I just took a picture for you as we drove by. Biking's more fun than shopping any day. 
Day4 028 (1024x684)
Provisions included frozen burritos for dinner and a delicious choice of microbrews from a mind boggling selection of beer at the little supermarket that serves this island population of about 5000 people.
Day4 030 (841x1024)
Then to kill time as we waited for the ferry to Anacortes so we could head down to Whidbey Island
Day4 032 (1024x684)
And since it was dark on the ferry, we got to do a jigsaw puzzle. 

We called ahead to the RV park we wanted to stay at at 5 pm, but unfortunately, they closed the office at 3 and had no way to get the WiFi code or bathroom key after that, so instead, we plugged in for some power to nuke our burritos, filled up with fresh water and dumped our waste tank before getting the heck out of there before the airstrikes started. Watch the videos to see what I mean.

Day4 035 (1024x684)

So we ended up at a rather barren RV park on the harbor in Oak Harbor.  Because laundry facilities were not included, and it was windy as all get out, we hunkered down in the smelly van to write a post for you.

Day4 036 (1024x796)
Tomorrow we will meet with the property managers for Drew’s house here. Until next then...

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