Friday, November 13, 2015

San Juans vacay Days 6 & 7: the long way home

Thursday it was time to start heading for home.  We said goodbye to park proprietor Sandy.  Mount Vernon RV park had really clean showers and we got our laundry done in a warm, clean, well lit laundry room. Bonus! This park was nice, even if the sites were a bit too close together.

Day6 001 (1024x587)


I had a very hard time deciding on which homemade breakfast goody to eat at Calico Corner in Mount Vernon.

Day6 002 (1024x684)

Apple cinnamon roll did not disappoint.

Then up and over Stevens Pass on route 2.

Day6 004 (1024x684)

Does this count as winter camping?

The reason for the detour over the snowy pass was so I could see Leavenworth.  The entire town has a Bavarian theme, and survives entirely on either destination shopping or lodging for Stevens Pass ski area.  Drew says there issome excellent mountain biking near here too, but it was toocold and we were en route to home, so we just walked around, bought a souvenir of the trip, and had  lunch.

Day6 014 (1024x684)

Day6 007 (1024x684)

Even the Starbucks looks Bavarian



Day6 016 (1024x684)

The Maypole is the center of town.

Day6 018 (572x1024)


After our little detour, there was nothing left to do but cruise for home.  We made it as far as the Oregon Trail RV park in Baker City Thursday night. 

day7 003 (1024x518)

The place was nice, and had a much-enjoyed hot tub, but the WiFi network only let two devices connect! Ridiculous.

Friday morning we rolled out after breakfast and espresso in the cutest little town of Baker City. We’ll have to make more time here next time through. 

So our business trip to the San Juan Islands was a big success.  I got to see and experience some places that hold special significance for Drew. Dewey had a good romp around the country and served us well. I was able to visit my friend and saw more parts of the country that make me continue to wonder if we should just sell all we own, buy a nice RV, and live address-free for a while.

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