Monday, May 1, 2017

Ireland Day 0: the way there.

We like to travel. Travel is expensive. We don't like to spend a lot when traveling. Thus, the Groupon.  We got a killer deal for airfare, lodging, and car for 8 nights, all without a set schedule.  Our kind of trip.
The catch: fly west to LA first, sit for 5 hours, fly to Amsterdam, sit for 2 hours, then fly to Dublin. From the time leaving the house yesterday morning to landing in Dublin was 23.5 hours, yet to the longest flight was 10 hours 40 min.  We like to travel, right?
As is my custom, I stay up really late before a big trip. That made me tired.

We flew KLM' big blue plane and
 scored an empty seat between us. It's the little things that make a long flight bearable.
A couple of hours on the ground in Amsterdam where they have cool sculptures in the airport, 

and we are boarding the flight to Dublin.
Ireland here we come!

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