Saturday, October 11, 2008

How dare it snow when I'm trying to collect seeds.

As you can see, it snowed today while I was at a seed collecting workshop at Red Butte Garden. I was properly bundled up so I didn't get too awfully cold. I was able to collect 17 types of seeds to (hopefully) germinate for planting next spring in our new back yard. We still need to put in the arbor and sprinkler system before any plants or grass can go in, but hey, it is fun to dream. The seeds I am most excited about are from a clematis plant that covers the arbor that is behind Drew and me in one of our favorite wedding photos. It will be so cool if I can this plant to grow in my yard on the big arbor we are putting up to block the view of the neighbor's cinder block garage. The instructor (seen here in front of Hummingbird Mint) said that this clematis blooms profusely in the fall and is vigorous and easy to grow. I have had poor luck with clematis in the past, so vigor and ease is a good thing.

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  1. I take care of a huge clematis plant in one of my gardens...soooo beautiful!